How To Boost Your Site Traffic By Harnessing Your Subscriber’s List

While consumers might not have noticed it, businesses all over the world have certainly found it much more difficult to make sales through their websites than previous years. This is primarily down to the search engine algorithm updates by Google that have made it much more difficult to attract natural traffic from the search engine. […]

How to Stay Protected from negative SEO

With the recent news about Expedia’s potential negative SEO woes, a lot of companies have become paranoid about suffering the same fate. Negative SEO is a nasty business built with devious schemes to convince search engines to punish competitor sites, and many marketers suddenly feel powerless in ensuring it will never happen to them. While it’s […]

Performance is the first line of security against attacks

Software testing comprises different methodologies and requires one to consider many different aspects to deliver a high-quality solution to the client or customers. However, the success or failure of your testing efforts entirely depends on the selection of the right kind of testing methodology. One such method is performance testing. Performance testing plays a vital […]