Five Web Optimization Tips for Improved Lead Generation

Websites have become necessary means of survival for small- and medium-sized enterprises. They are no longer mere means of Web presence; they are strategies that give companies better exposure. An informative and beautiful website is a boon to your company, but for getting the most out of your website, you need to know how to design and optimize it effectively. Listed below are the five secrets of generating leads through your website.

Use Clear and Strong Messages

The message you put on your website is the key to holding your visitors’ attention. Your visitors aren’t going to spend more than 10 seconds on your site if it doesn’t hold their interest. Hence, your site should display clear and strong messages that can connect with them instantly. A good idea is to show them their key problem areas and the remarkable solutions your company offers to solve those problems. Such strong messages will help them to connect with your company, thus, breeding trust in your visitors.

Offer Videos

Videos are great ways to communicate with your clients. These are powerful tools that turn your static site into a dynamic one. Videos are also a great way for your brand to engage visitors. It motivates visitors to know your company in a better way, thereby encouraging them to communicate with you. Further, you can use marketing tricks like video SEO to drive traffic to your site via organic search.

Go for HTML5 Web design to embed videos in your site. Also, HTML5 is supported across most Web platforms and mobile devices. This will give an extra edge to your site because mobile device users will also be able to watch videos.

Go for Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design enables viewers to surf sites via Smartphone or tablet without hiding the essential elements or messages. Thus, making your site responsive would make it more competitive. As more and more people are switching to mobile devices to access Internet, having a responsive site means you can reach out to your target customers more easily.  It will help in driving more traffic to your website resulting in more leads.

Talk Less About You and More About Them

You can find plenty of websites in which most of the space is occupied by companies explaining their experience in industry and how they have maintained their position. But there are few sites that talk about their customers, yet these are the sites that make a mark on visitors. Try to keep your website in the latter category. As prospects, your visitors are chiefly interested to know how you can help them and why they should prefer you over other companies. If your site can deliver these answers, then you can expect more leads from it.

Pay Attention to Simplicity

A beautifully designed website is sure to attract more visitors but it does not mean that you should cram the site with texts, pictures and links. Too much text and too many links are only going to confuse your visitors, causing them to leave your site within seconds. So, keep everything simple.

Keep the layout simple and navigation smooth. Use minimal text and don’t have links on every other line. Make your site easy to scan to encourage visitors to take a tour of your site, thus, increasing the chances of converting them into future customers.

Wrapping Up

Perfect tuning of website is important for lead generation. New Web designing and online marketing techniques are evolving at fast pace. In order to excel online, a website must utilize these techniques. If your site is an old one in need of a redesign, offer key elements like responsive design and good content and you will begin to generate more leads.


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